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The Gut Healer

The Gut Healer

For the past few months, Angela has been involved with Bright Star Productions, filming for 'The Gut Healer'. This is a series of videos that will slowly be introduced on YouTube and follows Angela's nutritional adventures. There will be many recipe clips with her daughter, Sarah, and also interviews with many high flyers - doctors and fellow nutritionists in the big, wide World of the gut.

There will be top tips for common conditions, such as IBS and simply how to get a good nights sleep!

Keep your eyes peeled for new videos and subscribe to 'The Gut Healer' on YouTube and follow her on Twitter. In the first clip here, Angela and Sarah show us how to make a super healthy, carb-free spaghetti bolognaise made from courgettes!

Great fun for kids so let's get cooking...

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